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The physical therapy field has been undergoing significant changes over the last decades and is now a profession with some form of direct access in every state. Based on the medical model the physical therapy profession has been developing "specializations" within the profession to deepen the skill level and ability to provide very specialized care for a subgroup of patients.

Despite the fact that physical therapy research efforts have substantially increased over the years identifying the benefit of physical therapy, and improve our understanding of how and why physical therapy is effective, there are still many unanswered questions. Therefore, we all carry the responsibility to continue the development of our profession and make this part of "our lifelong learning journey". The key issue remains that there is a tremendous lag between cutting edge research and the general implementation of this knowledge in clinical practice. Research has identified that it takes up to 17 years for validated new research evidence to become part of the "mainstream physical therapy world"

Our mission at FysioSolutions is to bridge this gap and allow clinicians to experience and explore personal growth at their own pace through on-site and on-line learning opportunities. Therefore, FysioSolutions now offers an Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship program consisting of 7 learning modules. Our OMT Fellowship program is accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association as a post professional fellowship program for physical therapists in orthopedic manual therapy.

All course material presented by FysioSolutions is an integration of an evidence based approach into the traditional physical therapy model. This is based on three pillars: "the patient beliefs, the clinician’s experience, and the research evidence". Our goal is to take part in your personal growth as a clinician through our programs by assisting you in initiating a change within your clinical decision-making process and in improving your handling skills.

It is time that we all finally embrace the change our profession has been moving towards, and FysioSolutions will be among the leaders in making this change happen.

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Augmented Exercise Approach
Thoracic Spine and Rib Complex
Upper Extremity / Shoulder Girdle
Lumbar / Lumbopelvic Girdle
Lower Extremity
Cervical Spine and Craniofacial Region
Statistics For The Practicing Clinician
CS 100 Cervical Course
CS 105 Autogenic Training

FysioSolutions Research Grant


   Support studies that evaluate the effectiveness of physical therapist interventions relevant to the application of manual physical therapy.
Application deadline Oct 1st
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