OMPT Fellowship

FysioSolutions OMPT Fellowship Program Description

In line with FysioSolutions’ mission to provide quality continuing education in a way that is very affordable and accessible, FysioSolutions Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship Program is designed for those clinicians who are interested in training at an advanced clinical level. The program is designed in such a manner that the Fellow-in-training will become the clinician of choice based on high level of effectiveness in the areas of clinical reasoning, differential diagnostic skills, manual skills, clinical decision making, and teaching skills exceeding the standards of a fellow as set by APTA, and AAOMPT.

FysioSolutions Fellowship will be delivered in such a way that it maximizes each learning opportunity. The program consists of 7 different didactic modules:
    1. Augmented Exercise module
    2. Research module for the Practicing Clinician

The first two modules are both (a prerequisite to proceed in the program) offered online only and are designed to prepare the clinician for an optimal learning experience of the next 5 clinical modules:
    3. UE course module
    4. LE course module
    5. Lumbar Spine module
    6. Thoracic Spine and Ribcage module
    7. Cervical and craniofacial module

The 5 clinical courses consist of 8 different weekly topics/ units. The course material will be an integration of an evidence based treatment approach, within the traditional physical therapy model based on the three pillars:
     Patient beliefs
     Clinician's experience
     Research evidence

To develop the correct and specific tactile skills to effectively apply the higher velocity manipulations in a correct and safe manner we recommend the fellow-in-training start with the upper and lower extremity modules before the spine modules are taken. However, we fully recognize that each individual clinician has personal situations and needs and therefore, we will allow for some flexibility in the order in which these 5 modules are completed as long as the program is completed within 3 years.

To comply with the required clinical teaching hours, the fellow-in training is expected to successfully complete the following aspects of the Fellowship training:
    a. Practical instruction in OMPT techniques during weekend course modules
        i. 3 spinal courses (>100 hours)
        ii. 2 extremity courses (>60 hours)
    b. >40 hours of online discussion format during the 7 course modules
    c. >440 clinical hours in orthopedic manual therapy under the guidance of FysioSolutions faculty.
    d. 130 hours 1:1 with fellow in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapists (active member). (Fellow-in-training can complete these hours with the program director).