About Us

As the health care environment continues to change, we will have to demonstrate that Physical Therapy interventions result in outcomes worthy of the financial investment of the patient or insurance companies.

FysioSolutions' mission is to participate in the growth of the physical therapy profession in a couple of ways. We directly support clinical research activities, which will lead to a better understanding of theoretical models and the implementation of the evidence based clinical practice model. Additionally, we offer both online and on-site learning opportunities. Our dedication to education will help you obtain materials and skills that will help you transform into a better clinician.

We are excited and looking forward to the collaborate effort of learning with you and from you, fostering not only your growth at a personal level, but also contributing to the Physical Therapy profession as a whole. FysioSolutions offers a variety of products (Including the American Physical Therapy Assocation's accredited Orthopedic Manual Therapy Fellowship Program) to help you grow as a clinician. Besides the courses there are discussion forums (open to all) focusing on a wide variety of subjects that could deepen your understanding of certain material and skills. These forums are also the platform where case presentations can be brought forward. This process allows you to get input from your colleagues on your patients, which will not only help you, but also others with similar patient cases in the decision making process based on the best practice model.